Personalised approach:
learn English online with a professional teacher

3 times faster than traditional methods

We provide learning for various purposes

πŸ”₯ achieve your goals fast
For Conversation

to speak English with confidence on a wide range of topics, to perfect communication

For Studies

to improve the level of English (A1 - C1). The course will be customized to ensure the learner's rapid progress

For Exams

to prepare for IELTS or B2 First (FCE) as quickly as possible, to practice multiple skills and to score the best results

For Travelling

to grow confidence when talking to foreigners, to maximize the travel experience

General English

βœ… Improve your level of English - from beginner to advanced, A1 to C1. The course will be tailored to your personal needs to help you make progress rapidly.
βœ… Our General course is suitable for all abilities. Whether you are looking to pass an exam, travel abroad, or advance in your career, our course will give the English skills you need.
βœ… The lessons will also be focused on practicing and perfecting all language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading, vocabulary and grammar.

Conversational English

βœ… Speak English with confidence on a wide range of topics, perfect your communication.
βœ… Our conversational online English courses are suitable for all levels – from beginner to advanced. The aim is to help you improve your speaking ability.
βœ… Make new International friends, feel confident travelling the world, practice speaking to prepare for exams, or even for business communication to succeed at workplace.

Exam Preparation

βœ… Your mentor will develop the personalised preparation program for you to make sure you prepare for the tests as quickly as possible.
βœ… IELTS preparation focuses on the four parts of the test - Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening. You will practice many different types of questions to achieve a high score.
βœ… B2 First (FCE) preparation focuses on the four papers in the exam: Writing, Reading and Use of English, Listening and Speaking. You will learn to use complex structures, produce clear text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on topical issues to get the best result at the exam.

Business English

βœ… The course focuses on the language and skills needed for typical business communication such as business meetings. presentations. negotiations, business correspondence, report and proposal writing, vocabulary and reading for professional purposes.
βœ… You will learn and practice vocabulary and topics used in the worlds of business, trade, finance and International relations.
βœ… By studying Business English you can improve your overall English language ability while targeting areas that will help you achieve your goals at work.